Summer 2017 

Hello Angels,

I’m back from my mini vacation and it was LIITTTTT. 🔥 


For those who don’t know I was in Las Vegas, Nevada this weekend with a group of friends celebrating all my Leo’s.

Here’s a mini lookbook of the outfits I wore this weekend.

Saturday Morning 

We went to Drai’s beach club. This was my first time ever! I’m 22 now and I have to say it was an amazing experience. 

The people, vibes and everything was bomb! 

Of course, it is pricy I definitely recommend going with a large group of people. If you’re not trying to spend a lot on drinks I would say pregame buy tons of bottles haha. 

Outfit #1 

Bathing suit • Macy’s 

Skirt • TjMaxx 

Shoes • TjMaxx 

Shades • CSUF 

Here’s a little snip it of our time at Drai’s


That same day we went to Jewel nightclub. Dude it was so packed! Las Vegas is such an over populated place. 

I legit was on a good hype! 

Outfit #2 

Bodysuit • Forever21 

Skirt • Forever21 

Choker • Forever21 

Shoes • Anne Klein 


There you have it guys, let me know what’s your favorite spots in Vegas and where would you have gone. 


Throwing it back Tuesday

Hey guys! I’ve missed being on this it’s been a minute I can say. 

The Quinceañera preparations are going according there’s been lots to do! 

• Dress ✅ 

• Nails ✅ 

• Date ✅ 

It’s less than 2 weeks and I’ve been super excited also, this weekend we’ll be heading to Las Vegas got some Leo’s to celebrate. 🎉 

Hopefully, I’ll have a vlog up for that weekend along with a bunch of photos. 😊 

Also, a lot of you have noticed I have been hitting the gym a lot more often then before I’ve tried making it a routine and hopefully I’ll be sharing some meal prep menus  & workouts as well! 

If you’re all interested in video tutorials let me know. Hopefully I can record at the gym and get this going for you guys. This new lifestyle isn’t easy I can tell you that, but I know it’ll be rewarding at the end. 

Yesterday, was Leg day and I went hard! 

I’ve noticed some changes in my body these past few weeks.

• Thigh gap getting bigger, which means I’m loosing thigh fat yay! 

• Quads are coming in nice, definitely still need to work hard on them! 

• Waist is slimming down, which mean im cutting belly fat. 

• Six pack and abs still working hard I’m doing more reps now. 

• Glutes I can see a lift 

• Still trying to maintain glute fat minimal 

I feel that this journey is amazing and can’t wait to be where I want to be. 

What are your favorite workouts? 

What some content you’d like to see. 

Again, I’m not an expert this is my journey just sharing for motivation! 

Late Night Thoughts 

Hello lovelies, 

This post is being written at 12:44 am.

Yes I’m still awake crazy I know! 

Just thinking of this past weekend and everything that’s been going on in my life. 

As some of you may know my Sister’s Quinceañera has taken over my life completely! Also, the fact that I’m turning big “22” in three days has me thinking like crazy! 

Topic 1. 

This past weekend I dyed my hair I re-did my blonde! 

Here’s a before & after photo : 

I was expecting to go so much lighter, but my natural hair is super pitch black and even getting me to this color is amazing. 

I go to Carlton in Irvine, off of Barranca my stylist is Anna she’s amazing. 

Topic 2. 

Meal prepping: Currently my boyfriend has had a change of heart toward being fit and eating healthy so this past weekend we actually went to Costco and made a list of all the food we want to prep and the alternative snacks we wish to eat. I’m all for it, but I love food so this will be interesting to share with you all! 

Topic 3. 

Las Vegas! Besides my 22nd birthday and the Quinceañera we’re also heading out to Vegas the weekend before. Some littivities are well needed before we go back to school. 

I’m super excited! Eeeepppppp! 

That was my mini catch up, also let me know where you dye your hair always wanting to try new places. 

Any good meal preps I should definitely try?! 

Also, what are some top things and must try, see places in Vegas since I’m 22 now! 

24 Hour Fitness vs. Golds Gym

Hello lovelies. 
As you all know I’m on this fitness journey just like some of you and I’m not here to smack talk on either gym. I’m just here to state my preference on certain things. 
I once believed you don’t have to go to a gym to get a good workout and till this day I still believe that. 
It all depends on where you want to be with your body and how you want to work it out. 

Topic #1 (Price) 

24 Hour Fitness I believe is “pricy” if you’re a person on a budget or don’t have a job per se. It also depends on what type of membership you’re looking for. As of right now, I’m an add-on to an account and pay roughly $40 a month. 

Trust me, sometimes I want to cancel it, but the only things I like is that it’s 24hrs which, means I can go whenever and wherever I want to go. I’m not limited to a certain time of the day.

Unlike 24 Hour Fitness, Gold’s Gym is a lot more inexpensive half price what 24 Hour offers only $20 a month. 

In my opinion the pricing isn’t bad at all and right now they’re giving you the opportunity to bring one person with you for a year. I wish 24 Hour would have promotions like that! 

Topic #2 (Perks offered) 

Some things 24 Hour Fitness has: 

– Basketball Court 

– Pool 

– Sauna / Steam 

In the other hand Golds has: 

– A cardio room where you can watch movies while you run.

– Boxing Ring 

– Tanning room 

I seriously felt in heaven haha but that’s just my thoughts I felt that this gym is somewhere to be more comfortable no judgement type of vibes. 

Topic #3 (General thoughts) 

I guess, in my personal shoes I like Golds a bit more than 24 Hour at the moment. Just because it’s convenient it’s right by my work. As of right now I don’t have a membership, my friend is being kind enough to take me with him and give me some exercising tips here and there on my fitness journey. 

I do feel motivated to see some major changes and do some big changes in my regular lifestyle. 

It’s never easy choosing a gym for yourself depending on where you’re at. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love 24 Hour they’re amazing! 

Comment your gym experience and what you like from either. Also is there another gym you’d recommend outside of both of these?

Saturday • Life Update

Hey guys! 

I know I’ve been MIA these past couple of days, but only because like I’ve mentioned before I have my sisters Quinceañera! 

I found my dress for the party, but it’s a suprise so I can’t completely show you. 

Here’s a brief sneak peek:

You’ll have to wait till the day off to see this beautiful dress! 

So there’s some goodies coming up as you all know or might know my BoxyCharm box is here and will definitely be doing my month review on their products! 

Also, I’ve been meaning to whiten my teeth and just got the carbon coco and will be doing a review on that as well. 

I’m currently still working so it’s been crazy, but most likely my sisters Quince has been time consuming today my mom went out to LA to find some things we can add. 

Yesterday, was a my good friend’s birthday! Here a little photo! 

Hope to see y’all soon! 

Calacas Cafe • Food Review 

Welcome back lovelies! I hope you’re having an amazing Friday. Who’s ready for the weekend I know I am, so many good things coming up that I just can’t wait to share with you all.

Calacas Cafe is located in DTSA (Downtown Santa Ana) for those who don’t know. 

I shared with my sister: Chilaquiles 2.0

I know I know it sounds really weird 2.0 right well it’s a combination of chilaquiles with eggs and beans and if anyone knows me I like a big breakfast awesome. Chilaquiles are tortillas chopped up fried with green salsa on top. These are the best I’ve tried many but these are really good.

The plate is pretty big I shared it with my sister and usually we each eat our own plate, but it was a pretty big plate for both of us.

We also ordered two orange juices.

Overall, the ambiance of the place is cozy. 

The restaurant has a lot of open space him they have a hallway with chairs and tables it was a little bit tight but it’s more for a intimate breakfast I would say the people are very friendly the place is amazing feels like home. If you’re Mexican and like cultural places very cultural. I definitely would go back for breakfast though they have a lot of different Mexican antojitos

Hope you all like this food review any question just comment! Thank you.

Despicable Me 3 • Movie Review 

Despicable Me is my all-time favorite movie you know the movie with the cute little yellow minions

I know I said I was going to do a review on Pirates of the Caribbean but with it being already so far out I just jumped over to Despicable Me so I hope you like it, but if you do want me to do a review on Pirates of the Caribbean just comment below and I’ll see about doing a movie review for it as well.

This movie is PG-13 my boyfriend and I saw it at AMC at the Outlets of Orange also known as “The Block”
Background: A little bit about this movie if you haven’t seen Despicable Me 1 and 2 I advise seeing those before this one just because the storyline is connected really well and jumping around probably would confuse you I am overall and Gru now gets to meet his twin brother Drew and they go on an epic adventure as a family and also this is a movie where are you see Lucy become a mom to all three girls that he Gru adopted. 

Genre: Fantasy/Comedy

Life Connection: I feel like a lot of the movies that I see really connect to family and how sometimes a lot of people grow up without parents or meeting them, yet at the end of the day there’s always somebody to call family. 

Rating: Personally I love the series and how they have been made. Visually the characters are great and I love that throughout the movies you’ve seen them grow in their own character. I rate this film a 4/5.

Middle of the film: Gru finally gets to meet his twin brother and the bond between them is just so instant as well as the bond between Lucy and the girls which starts to grow they visit Drew in another country and they find out that he’s a multi millionaire and all the things that they go through just bring them even closer together. 

Special Effects: What I enjoy about this film always is the animation and how the creators have a way of depicting the feelings and the facial expressions of each character.

Great: I can’t wait to see what other movie comes out with Despicable Me just because I know how much the characters have grown and just the storyline and the girls are growing as well and just to see what their adventures are next are always a thrill .

I hope you all like my movies review again I’m not a professional critic. This is just my own opinion. Thank you! 

Monday • Update

Hey lovebugs!  💓

I’ve missed you all so much! 

I know I’ve been M.I.A this weekend and not because I’ve wanted to, but because as you all might know my sisters Quinceañera is coming up and we have all her damas & chambelanes! 

I’m so stoked! Anywho I just bought my dresses today and I’m super excited to be receiving them soon! So I can show you all.

This weekend consisted of long hours of practice for my sister.

They worked on the waltz & soon will be starting the suprise dance. 


Everyone showed up early I felt so bad for them with it being so hot! I wouldn’t want to practice either, but they’re a great group of kids and I feel eternally grateful they are taking their time to be here. 

We went after to the movies saw Despicable Me 3! I will hopefully fingers crossed be doing a movie review 🎥 soon so stay tuned! I know I haven’t done one in a while. 

Also, I tried a couple dresses at Windsor yes, but as I mentioned I ordered my dresses already and will posting it soon! 

Lastly, went to Balboa beach for some nice hang out time the weather was so nice and warm. Sadly I was sick all weekend. I am feeling better though. 


I had an early brunch with my sister we tried a new place “Calacas Cafe” so good! Will be doing a food review soon! As well. So many good things coming up! You don’t want to miss! 

One of my good friends turned the big “23” and we hanged out for a while here’s a quick pic! 

Had a lovely pool day!

Bathing suit top – Victoria Secret 

Skirt – Old Navy 

Afterwards my sister had more practice and you know me the supportive sis stayed through her practice helping the choreographer will whatever needed! 

Last, but not least!

I have paired up with another subscription box! @SolTheory they are a monthly subscription and offer cool shades, jewelry, and makeup! Here’s my code: ELIZA852 for 20% of you’re box check it out! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this little update and fingers crossed I’ll be back up to speed and sharing all cool things with you guys! 

Fourth of July • Shenanigans

Hello Angels, 

Yesterday was amazing had the best time ever. I’m currently laying in bed but will be definitely going to the gym soon. I’m feeling a little sick but that will not stop me. I refuse.

As you all know my sister’s Quinceañera is coming up and there are a lot of details that I want to share with all of you but it is a secret until the big day and I can’t wait. All I can say is one word “Windsor“. 

4th of July • Outfit 

Tank top is from Lucky Brand.

Skirt is from TJ Maxx.

Sandals are from Roxy.

We ended up watching fireworks at my boyfriends house. 

His mom made some delicious lemonade’s.

Below are the two listed:

1. Lemonade with strawberry blueberries and a shot of vodka.

2. Watermelon with strawberry and blueberries and a shot of vodka.

My boyfriend was drinking Jack and Coke.

Here are a couple of the videos of us watching fireworks.

You can tell I was just having fun with these fireworks. I will be honest I’m not a big pyromaniac.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend with your families and hopefully you’ll comment below some of the wonderful experiences you shared.


Low V-neck cut shirt : DIY

Hello lovelies since a lot of you ask me about my shirts here it is! 

1. Buy a shirt 

So basically you can T-shirts anywhere I usually go to target or old navy. 

2. What you need 

– Shirt 

– Scissors

– Ruler

– Marker : different color than shirt 

3. Draw your lines 

Take the ruler and pen and draw your like from the neck piece and see how far low you want it. 

4. Cut it

Take some scissors and carefully make your cut.

Final look 

Your T-shirt should look something like this. I added a knot on the belly button area. 

And this is the final look 

Hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial. 😘