BoxyCharm Alert • June

Hello Angels! 

Guesssssss what?! I think the title pretty much explains it all. Yes, I’m officially a BoxyCharm subscriber! Eeeeeep! 

I got my first official box yesterday and I had to tell you guys my experience with the box itself and the products! 

The box itself seemed a little smaller in person that what they make it seem online. I don’t know how they fit their products in there tbh! 

Definitely easy opening the box. 

Once I saw the products I fell in love I felt like I was getting a present for my unbirthday. Right away when I found out my box had been delivered I couldn’t wait to get home. 

I’m not getting any promotion to talk wonderful about this subscription, but I genuinely do like it. 

1. Luxie Brush #640 Pro Precision Tapered 

Personally, I own a couple of the Luxie brushes and they are great they distribute product amazingly on your face. I have the Highlight Tapered brush already and I love the ending finish when I use it. I can’t wait to try it out. 

2. Ofra lipstick – Santa Ana

To be honest, I’ve never tried OFRA I’ve heard of them, but never came around to it. I swatched this color on my hand, but didn’t take a photo! 😭 I know I know. I love the way it’s so pigmented. I actually went online and saw other colors because I do want to get more of these. I’m still searching for the perfect nude shade for my skin tone. 

3. RealHer shadow palette

This palette is such a beauty and trust I don’t own many. I’ve been a Morphe babe for such a long time and seeing this palette makes me want to go buy some more and try new things.

What I love about this palette it’s so compact so definitely can go anywhere with me. Sometimes I can’t get ready at home and my other palettes are huge and not as accessible as this palette. So size wise it’s great! 

It has 9 different shades


This shade is like a bone color. You can wear this as a base. Very pretty and rich.


It speaks for itself. Very peachy tone.


Is like a champagne color a more settle, but still pippin color.


Is probably the most perfect shade of brown. It’s just the right intense for the outer crease. 


A shimmery shade of brown. 


A bronzy shade of brown. Mmm perf!


For a smiley eye I can picture it already.


An intense purple that is shimmery. Beautiful color.


The dark colors im diggin. Defined a unique shimmery brown. 

I tried doing some swatches I don’t think I pressed hard enough. It’s so pretty to ruin! 

With flash

Without flash

4. Artist couture – Illuminati

I love the packaging it came in look sophisticated. This is a highlighter, but can be used as an eye shadow such a pretty color! 

5. Three facial masks from biobelle

–  First one, is to prep before makeup application. Comes with tea tree oil, rose hip extract, and Vitamin “C”. So excited to try this one and see result. 

– Second one, enhances skin’s natural glow. Come with wild rose and Vitamin “C”. I’ve needed to pamper myself lately thanks BoxyCharm! 

– Third one, face moisturizer. Comes with pomegranate and hyaluronic acid. Will make my skin moist! 

Well that’s it for this months box stay tuned for next month! 

Comment your favorite product listed and any other products you’d like to share your experience about. 


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