Monday • Update

Hey lovebugs!  💓

I’ve missed you all so much! 

I know I’ve been M.I.A this weekend and not because I’ve wanted to, but because as you all might know my sisters Quinceañera is coming up and we have all her damas & chambelanes! 

I’m so stoked! Anywho I just bought my dresses today and I’m super excited to be receiving them soon! So I can show you all.

This weekend consisted of long hours of practice for my sister.

They worked on the waltz & soon will be starting the suprise dance. 


Everyone showed up early I felt so bad for them with it being so hot! I wouldn’t want to practice either, but they’re a great group of kids and I feel eternally grateful they are taking their time to be here. 

We went after to the movies saw Despicable Me 3! I will hopefully fingers crossed be doing a movie review 🎥 soon so stay tuned! I know I haven’t done one in a while. 

Also, I tried a couple dresses at Windsor yes, but as I mentioned I ordered my dresses already and will posting it soon! 

Lastly, went to Balboa beach for some nice hang out time the weather was so nice and warm. Sadly I was sick all weekend. I am feeling better though. 


I had an early brunch with my sister we tried a new place “Calacas Cafe” so good! Will be doing a food review soon! As well. So many good things coming up! You don’t want to miss! 

One of my good friends turned the big “23” and we hanged out for a while here’s a quick pic! 

Had a lovely pool day!

Bathing suit top – Victoria Secret 

Skirt – Old Navy 

Afterwards my sister had more practice and you know me the supportive sis stayed through her practice helping the choreographer will whatever needed! 

Last, but not least!

I have paired up with another subscription box! @SolTheory they are a monthly subscription and offer cool shades, jewelry, and makeup! Here’s my code: ELIZA852 for 20% of you’re box check it out! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this little update and fingers crossed I’ll be back up to speed and sharing all cool things with you guys! 


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