Despicable Me 3 • Movie Review 

Despicable Me is my all-time favorite movie you know the movie with the cute little yellow minions

I know I said I was going to do a review on Pirates of the Caribbean but with it being already so far out I just jumped over to Despicable Me so I hope you like it, but if you do want me to do a review on Pirates of the Caribbean just comment below and I’ll see about doing a movie review for it as well.

This movie is PG-13 my boyfriend and I saw it at AMC at the Outlets of Orange also known as “The Block”
Background: A little bit about this movie if you haven’t seen Despicable Me 1 and 2 I advise seeing those before this one just because the storyline is connected really well and jumping around probably would confuse you I am overall and Gru now gets to meet his twin brother Drew and they go on an epic adventure as a family and also this is a movie where are you see Lucy become a mom to all three girls that he Gru adopted. 

Genre: Fantasy/Comedy

Life Connection: I feel like a lot of the movies that I see really connect to family and how sometimes a lot of people grow up without parents or meeting them, yet at the end of the day there’s always somebody to call family. 

Rating: Personally I love the series and how they have been made. Visually the characters are great and I love that throughout the movies you’ve seen them grow in their own character. I rate this film a 4/5.

Middle of the film: Gru finally gets to meet his twin brother and the bond between them is just so instant as well as the bond between Lucy and the girls which starts to grow they visit Drew in another country and they find out that he’s a multi millionaire and all the things that they go through just bring them even closer together. 

Special Effects: What I enjoy about this film always is the animation and how the creators have a way of depicting the feelings and the facial expressions of each character.

Great: I can’t wait to see what other movie comes out with Despicable Me just because I know how much the characters have grown and just the storyline and the girls are growing as well and just to see what their adventures are next are always a thrill .

I hope you all like my movies review again I’m not a professional critic. This is just my own opinion. Thank you! 


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