Calacas Cafe • Food Review 

Welcome back lovelies! I hope you’re having an amazing Friday. Who’s ready for the weekend I know I am, so many good things coming up that I just can’t wait to share with you all.

Calacas Cafe is located in DTSA (Downtown Santa Ana) for those who don’t know. 

I shared with my sister: Chilaquiles 2.0

I know I know it sounds really weird 2.0 right well it’s a combination of chilaquiles with eggs and beans and if anyone knows me I like a big breakfast awesome. Chilaquiles are tortillas chopped up fried with green salsa on top. These are the best I’ve tried many but these are really good.

The plate is pretty big I shared it with my sister and usually we each eat our own plate, but it was a pretty big plate for both of us.

We also ordered two orange juices.

Overall, the ambiance of the place is cozy. 

The restaurant has a lot of open space him they have a hallway with chairs and tables it was a little bit tight but it’s more for a intimate breakfast I would say the people are very friendly the place is amazing feels like home. If you’re Mexican and like cultural places very cultural. I definitely would go back for breakfast though they have a lot of different Mexican antojitos

Hope you all like this food review any question just comment! Thank you.


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