24 Hour Fitness vs. Golds Gym

Hello lovelies. 
As you all know I’m on this fitness journey just like some of you and I’m not here to smack talk on either gym. I’m just here to state my preference on certain things. 
I once believed you don’t have to go to a gym to get a good workout and till this day I still believe that. 
It all depends on where you want to be with your body and how you want to work it out. 

Topic #1 (Price) 

24 Hour Fitness I believe is “pricy” if you’re a person on a budget or don’t have a job per se. It also depends on what type of membership you’re looking for. As of right now, I’m an add-on to an account and pay roughly $40 a month. 

Trust me, sometimes I want to cancel it, but the only things I like is that it’s 24hrs which, means I can go whenever and wherever I want to go. I’m not limited to a certain time of the day.

Unlike 24 Hour Fitness, Gold’s Gym is a lot more inexpensive half price what 24 Hour offers only $20 a month. 

In my opinion the pricing isn’t bad at all and right now they’re giving you the opportunity to bring one person with you for a year. I wish 24 Hour would have promotions like that! 

Topic #2 (Perks offered) 

Some things 24 Hour Fitness has: 

– Basketball Court 

– Pool 

– Sauna / Steam 

In the other hand Golds has: 

– A cardio room where you can watch movies while you run.

– Boxing Ring 

– Tanning room 

I seriously felt in heaven haha but that’s just my thoughts I felt that this gym is somewhere to be more comfortable no judgement type of vibes. 

Topic #3 (General thoughts) 

I guess, in my personal shoes I like Golds a bit more than 24 Hour at the moment. Just because it’s convenient it’s right by my work. As of right now I don’t have a membership, my friend is being kind enough to take me with him and give me some exercising tips here and there on my fitness journey. 

I do feel motivated to see some major changes and do some big changes in my regular lifestyle. 

It’s never easy choosing a gym for yourself depending on where you’re at. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love 24 Hour they’re amazing! 

Comment your gym experience and what you like from either. Also is there another gym you’d recommend outside of both of these?


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