Late Night Thoughts 

Hello lovelies, 

This post is being written at 12:44 am.

Yes I’m still awake crazy I know! 

Just thinking of this past weekend and everything that’s been going on in my life. 

As some of you may know my Sister’s Quinceañera has taken over my life completely! Also, the fact that I’m turning big “22” in three days has me thinking like crazy! 

Topic 1. 

This past weekend I dyed my hair I re-did my blonde! 

Here’s a before & after photo : 

I was expecting to go so much lighter, but my natural hair is super pitch black and even getting me to this color is amazing. 

I go to Carlton in Irvine, off of Barranca my stylist is Anna she’s amazing. 

Topic 2. 

Meal prepping: Currently my boyfriend has had a change of heart toward being fit and eating healthy so this past weekend we actually went to Costco and made a list of all the food we want to prep and the alternative snacks we wish to eat. I’m all for it, but I love food so this will be interesting to share with you all! 

Topic 3. 

Las Vegas! Besides my 22nd birthday and the Quinceañera we’re also heading out to Vegas the weekend before. Some littivities are well needed before we go back to school. 

I’m super excited! Eeeepppppp! 

That was my mini catch up, also let me know where you dye your hair always wanting to try new places. 

Any good meal preps I should definitely try?! 

Also, what are some top things and must try, see places in Vegas since I’m 22 now! 


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