Throwing it back Tuesday

Hey guys! I’ve missed being on this it’s been a minute I can say. 

The Quinceañera preparations are going according there’s been lots to do! 

• Dress ✅ 

• Nails ✅ 

• Date ✅ 

It’s less than 2 weeks and I’ve been super excited also, this weekend we’ll be heading to Las Vegas got some Leo’s to celebrate. 🎉 

Hopefully, I’ll have a vlog up for that weekend along with a bunch of photos. 😊 

Also, a lot of you have noticed I have been hitting the gym a lot more often then before I’ve tried making it a routine and hopefully I’ll be sharing some meal prep menus  & workouts as well! 

If you’re all interested in video tutorials let me know. Hopefully I can record at the gym and get this going for you guys. This new lifestyle isn’t easy I can tell you that, but I know it’ll be rewarding at the end. 

Yesterday, was Leg day and I went hard! 

I’ve noticed some changes in my body these past few weeks.

• Thigh gap getting bigger, which means I’m loosing thigh fat yay! 

• Quads are coming in nice, definitely still need to work hard on them! 

• Waist is slimming down, which mean im cutting belly fat. 

• Six pack and abs still working hard I’m doing more reps now. 

• Glutes I can see a lift 

• Still trying to maintain glute fat minimal 

I feel that this journey is amazing and can’t wait to be where I want to be. 

What are your favorite workouts? 

What some content you’d like to see. 

Again, I’m not an expert this is my journey just sharing for motivation! 


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