BoxyCharm Alert • June

Hello Angels! 

Guesssssss what?! I think the title pretty much explains it all. Yes, I’m officially a BoxyCharm subscriber! Eeeeeep! 

I got my first official box yesterday and I had to tell you guys my experience with the box itself and the products! 

The box itself seemed a little smaller in person that what they make it seem online. I don’t know how they fit their products in there tbh! 

Definitely easy opening the box. 

Once I saw the products I fell in love I felt like I was getting a present for my unbirthday. Right away when I found out my box had been delivered I couldn’t wait to get home. 

I’m not getting any promotion to talk wonderful about this subscription, but I genuinely do like it. 

1. Luxie Brush #640 Pro Precision Tapered 

Personally, I own a couple of the Luxie brushes and they are great they distribute product amazingly on your face. I have the Highlight Tapered brush already and I love the ending finish when I use it. I can’t wait to try it out. 

2. Ofra lipstick – Santa Ana

To be honest, I’ve never tried OFRA I’ve heard of them, but never came around to it. I swatched this color on my hand, but didn’t take a photo! 😭 I know I know. I love the way it’s so pigmented. I actually went online and saw other colors because I do want to get more of these. I’m still searching for the perfect nude shade for my skin tone. 

3. RealHer shadow palette

This palette is such a beauty and trust I don’t own many. I’ve been a Morphe babe for such a long time and seeing this palette makes me want to go buy some more and try new things.

What I love about this palette it’s so compact so definitely can go anywhere with me. Sometimes I can’t get ready at home and my other palettes are huge and not as accessible as this palette. So size wise it’s great! 

It has 9 different shades


This shade is like a bone color. You can wear this as a base. Very pretty and rich.


It speaks for itself. Very peachy tone.


Is like a champagne color a more settle, but still pippin color.


Is probably the most perfect shade of brown. It’s just the right intense for the outer crease. 


A shimmery shade of brown. 


A bronzy shade of brown. Mmm perf!


For a smiley eye I can picture it already.


An intense purple that is shimmery. Beautiful color.


The dark colors im diggin. Defined a unique shimmery brown. 

I tried doing some swatches I don’t think I pressed hard enough. It’s so pretty to ruin! 

With flash

Without flash

4. Artist couture – Illuminati

I love the packaging it came in look sophisticated. This is a highlighter, but can be used as an eye shadow such a pretty color! 

5. Three facial masks from biobelle

–  First one, is to prep before makeup application. Comes with tea tree oil, rose hip extract, and Vitamin “C”. So excited to try this one and see result. 

– Second one, enhances skin’s natural glow. Come with wild rose and Vitamin “C”. I’ve needed to pamper myself lately thanks BoxyCharm! 

– Third one, face moisturizer. Comes with pomegranate and hyaluronic acid. Will make my skin moist! 

Well that’s it for this months box stay tuned for next month! 

Comment your favorite product listed and any other products you’d like to share your experience about. 


Monday Haul

Hey lovelies! 

It’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥 legit! 

Hoping my car won’t overheat rn 🙊

So this weekend I did a little restock on my lashes! 

When it comes to lashes I’m not a big expert, but as a newcomer I’ve enjoyed Forever 21‘s eyelashes they have been my go too for a while now.

This weekend though I got some new Ardell whispies. So we’ll see how I like those. 

I’m also trying a new duo glue 😱

This glue is supposed to come out black instead of white I don’t know how I’ll like that since I’m used to white.  I’m going to do a review on it. 

They also gave a me samples to try out. 

Cotz face tinted moisturizer 

To be honest I hope I can match my skin tone, but definitely will try it.

– L’Occitane body ultra rich creme 

I’ve never tried their products I do know they’re on the higher end of brands. So I’m going to try it out and see what happens. 


If you can see I always try to stay on the natural side. I wish I naturally had eyelashes. I’m going to start using Caster oil I heard it’s the best. There’s a little bit of my haul hope to get more things and share with you all. 

Hope you all share what are your favorite or go to lashes and any home remedies as well for lash growth! 💓

Weekend Recap • Lookbook

I’m currently in my car sitting down. This is usually the time I get to talk to you Angels 💓

This past weekend was amazing I got to spend technically the whole weekend with my boyfriend and then as you all know it was Father’s Day! 

Outfit # 1 

Was a little black dress I got this one at Fashion Nova. So cute. I wasn’t able to get a good full body photo for you guys. 

Outfit #2 

We went bar hopping and I wore this little outfit. So cute I felt so festivalish. 

Bodysuit – Forever 21

Skirt – TjMaxx

Outfit # 3

This was for Father’s Day I was feeling the white jeans, but was super scared to ER them dirty. 

Sunglasses: #BohoQueenJewelery

Pants – Old Navy 

Shirt – TjMaxx 

Hope you liked me weekend look book 😘

Orange Hill • Dinner

Hello lovelies,

Here’s a little update on my crazy weekend as many of you know it was my boyfriends 23rd birthday! 

So, I took him out to dinner we went to Orange Hill, lovely place with a view! 

The Restaurant is located literally on a hill in orange haha. I had done reservations a week prior so getting a table isn’t as hectic as it may seem at other places. 

It’s a very romantic vibey kind of place so put that little black dress. I know I did. 😉

Anywho, we were seated right on time the waitress we had was a sweetheart.

They started us off with some bread we didn’t get drinks. We kept it a communicative dinner. Still romantic and coherent haha. 

My boyfriend orders the ribeye steak I believe. 

Now I’m not a big meat eater, but this steak was delicious and you can see the portions are not so big. I can tell you I was so full! It was nuts! 

I ordered the Salmon

The salmon was exquisite. It was perfectly cooked and season amazing! The sides were vegetables with lentils. Mmm mmm mmm. 

We chatted some more on how our day went. Then it was ready for his birthday dessert. 

They brought out some brownies and we additionally got the creme brûlée! The combinations of both deserts were delicious! 

I recommend Orange Hill for an intimate dinner with your other half. The food is delicious the sceneary amazing. 

Any questions feel free to comment! 

Forming Routines

Good evening lovelies. 

I’m currently cooking in the car because it’s so damn hot! It’s burning up right now. Anyways currently taking my lunch and wanted to share some health/exercise/food with you all. 

Some of you might have noticed I hit the gym yesterday. I’m not gunna lie I have not been gyming in a while and not because I don’t want to. Lately, working and school had been an issue and now you might say it’s my laziness and sometimes my boyfriend being so tired he won’t go with me. 

Yesterday, I said enough get up and after work you’re gunna head straight over there. It was difficult getting myself there when in my head I’d tell myself just go home. 

I’m proud to admit I was able to get my workout done! ✅ 

I did legs and lower body with abs. 

1. Ran a mile 

I think running is overall good for you. I hate running due to my post injuries. So I get cramps sometimes, really bad. My mile time is so bad! 12 minutes! I promise it’s getting better. 

2. Leg press

Since, my boyfriend wasn’t there to spot me on squats with a bar I did leg press I was able to do before up to 3 plates now I’m back to 1 plate. I’m so sad I wanted to cry. 

I started with 12 reps and went down by 2’s. 

3. Hip extensions 

I hadn’t done these in a long time. These help me also for my glutes. I personally like them. 

4. Inner & Outer Thighs

I like the machine they have. I was able to do 100lbs before now I’m at 80lbs not to shabby still have strong thighs. 

5. Abs

I use the ab machine to do extension and woooo my abs are on fire today, but I feel amazing. 

6. Squats

I did squats by myself no bar by then I couldn’t feel my legs haha. 

Overall, it was good to be back!



My meal preps lately, have been chicken and veggies. I will not lie my mom rarely cooks and I often do eat out more. When I do I do try to make the healthies choices. Although sometimes it doesn’t work. 

I have been in love lately with Oatmeal! I don’t know why I’ve never eaten them so continuously before. They have been my go to in the mornings these past few days. 

Life • Update 

Hello Angels! 

Like the title says here’s a little update on why I’ve been a bit MIA these couple of days. 

My sisters having a quinceañera! That’s still exciting right. This weekend I’ve been taken hostage by my mother. 

I’ve helped her get all of my sisters things such as:




• Accesories 

I may say so myself she’s going to look gorgeous I have to look for my things as well and better believe I will keep you all in the loop. I’m so excited! I remember when I was fifteen …. haha.

Time flies so fast! 

Anywho also, my boyfriends birthday is this weekend so my baby is going to be 23! 

I have also been planning a suprise for him and all details will be posted as well! 

So if anybody has any cool ideas 💡 let me know! I’d love to hear them! 

As in cool things for 15’s or Boyfriends birthday gifts. 


Besides the parties and other things. 

On a personal level.

I’ve also been studying for my life insurance exam so if anyone needs any financial advise I’d be more than happy to sit with anyone. I feel extremely blessed to be working in my career as well as doing what I’m passionate about. 

I strive to help others find their passion and security along the way. 


Lastly, who is super DISAPPOINTED 😔 that Mexico vs. USA  (TIED) I was so upset. If you saw the game what was your favorite player. Also you know I had to represent. 

Friday Turnup 

Lately, I’ve been looking forward to the weekends so much way too much. I think maybe cause it’s summer and I’ve been working full time. Last night I got to go out with my girlfriends and it was nice it’s been so long! 

We hit up the Copper Door 🚪

In Santa Ana, Ca 

I got one of my favorite drinks: Sex on the Beach 🍹

I love the vibes the way it’s set up if you live in Santa Ana it’s a cool spot to check out. 

Here’s last nights outfit details: 

Top: Monteau – Los Ángeles

Pants: Soho Apparel 

Shoes: XOXO 

This was a cute yet, comfy outfit to go out because girl you know when you’re dancing and sweating you don’t want to be uncomfortable haha. 

If you know of any good bars comment and share or let’s go out sometime! 😉 

I also want to know what’s your favorite drink! 😁 

Humpday • Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and all I can think about is payday. I know I know shame on me. I need 💡 “ideas” guys. So my Dads birthday just passed yet Father’s Day is around the corner! Aghhhh! Help! Also tiny secret my boyfriends, cousins and friends birthdays are coming up to crazy June babes! 😭😭😭 

What month is 9 before June?! Omg all the parents got busy in September. I don’t complain must’ve been cold haha. 

Anywho I’ve been thinking of gift ideas and I’d really appreciate if males specifically could give me their opinion on what gifts they’d like and in return I’d see about getting a little giveaway out. 🤔🤔🤔 

I was thinking 

• Home Depot 

• Tilly’s 

• Nike

• Vans 

Mmm what about ideas for going out to dinner?! 

Do guys like going out at all lol am I even heading in the right direction. Hmmm 😭

Those are my little rants for today. 

Wishing I was in SB 💓 

Sunday Funday

Well this weekend has be a birthday celebration. It was my dads birthday on Friday. He’s a very simple man likes to have fun and spend quality time with his family. I kept this weekend a little more private. 

On Friday I bought him an ice-cream cake from Baskin Robbins. It was a mini with coffee ice-cream and chocolate cake. 

My Godparent made him a small dinner and just had some family time as well as yesterday Saturday. 

Last night we went to see Wonder Woman. 

Look for an upcoming review ☺️ 

Here the outfit I wore last night this is my comfy outfit for the movies. You’d be surprised haha. 

The tank top and tights are from Forever21

The cardigan is from Macys

The socks are Nike 

The boots are from Walmart 

I like to be comfy when I go watch a movie with family. So now you know. 😘

Throwback Thursday • Makeup Look (Pinky Shades) 

Hey lovebugs! So a lot of people wanted to see how I did my makeup this past weekend and I’m going to go step by step on how I created this look!

It was my friends 22nd birthday and my outfit was screaming pinky tones haha 

Step 1: Eyelid primer base I use the NYC city proof 24 hr primer in beige. 

For this look I used my Morphe palette 35K. You can refer to the numbers as I go in order. 

Step 2: I took color 1 with an eye shadow blending brush from Morphe. I ran the color back and forth on my eyelid crease. 

Step 3: I took color 2 and packed it on the corner of my eyelid to darken the tones with an eye shadow application brush from Morphe I did this very lightly to get an intense shade of color. 

Step 4: I took color 3 and pressed it on the lid it is a shimmery peach tone. So glittery really stood out. I also used it to highlight the inner corner of my eyes.

Step 5: I took color 4 and highlighted the skin under my brows. 

Therefore, creating this look and I went for a more bold look and put dark liner from NYC along with my falsies from Forever 21, believe it or not they have some good falsies. 

For Mascara I used Mad Lash by The Balm. Leaving my eyelash looking long and strong. 

For eyebrows I used Elf’s eyebrow filler in dark brown. 

To top it off I used a nude shade on my lips. #82102 from Elf’s nude lipsticks. 

Hope you liked it and see you next time!